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After the collection of a "strange breed of folk" songs was written by the duo in their apartment in Cambridge, Massachusetts.... (all but one that they found by campfire in the mountains of Vermont), The Thimbles headed south past 5 mountain ranges and west on the Trail of Tears to record their debut LP,  "All the Livelong Day."   Weary from highways on trailmix, they settled into the abandoned pharmacy-turned-analog recording studio, Fry Pharmacy, just outside Nashville, Tennessee, and cut.the basic tracks live to 2" tape.  The Sante Fe wailed through the ending of "Dosey", and the tape ran out during the end of their last song, "Farmer's Prayer No. 8".  The album is an honest introduction to their unusual world deemed "a cross between Dylan and the Louvins."
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"...like no one I have ever heard."
  - Bobby Whitlock
"I love your cd... It's so refreshing..."
  - Van Dyke Parks